Sunday, 18 April 2010

Can you really get stuff for free

Can you really get stuff for free?
The Internet can be a fantastic place but it also has many scamming and fraud sites that you need to be careful of having said that there are genuine Internet sites who offer affiliate marketing opportunities, affiliate marketing is a method where you help companies market their products and services through word of mouth and then they reward you with gifts such as a Free iPhone, Free iPad or an Xbox 360 etc. One of the biggest players in the UK at the moment are


Its a very simple 3 step process to join and start receiving your free gifts.

Step 1.

Follow the link and then where it says SIGN UP NOW, pop your email address in there and click GO! (make sure you don't put a false email address in here as they will need to contact you when its time to send you your gift)

Step 2.

After you have verified the email they send you to confirm that its a genuine email address and it is actually a person not some spam machine, you will need to go to the offers page and choose one of the many OFFERS, some are even free like the

once you have completed your offer you are now ready to start getting your friends and family to join up for the offers too, you will get credits of £20.00 ( at time of writing) for each person who joins and completes an offer whether they carry on the service after or not, even the free offers count towards your gift.

Step 3.

The way to get others to join up and complete an offer is also not difficult many people are using word of mouth through
Why not pop a postcard in your local shop.
Flyer's, business cards etc etc they all work, i should know as so far i have received over £1,000 in free gifts in only a few months with nothing more than a small amount of spare time.

So if you would like an Xbox 360, iPhone, iPod touch, computer, laptop , blu-ray player or any other gadgets including the amazing iPad for free make sure you check them out here


  1. You can also get a free ipad at :)